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Currently open for commissions.
Sketchblog of fullmetalshadowwolf.
Place where I dump both sketches and finished works. Expect a lot of world building stuff and dumb scribbles.
If you want me to see anything I track the 'fullmetalshadowwolf' tag


it was only meant to be a sketch how did it end up like this 


[ sweats nervously ]

Adrian-Rasa + Chiyo-Rasa for 11chiyochan

Silly warm-up scribble

Was scribbling rough evolutionary lines for my original species. Decided to doodle up some strange pre-Rasa. A silly pre-rasa that was probably closely related to modern Rasa.

Also I want Fat-Tailed Rasa to be a thing.

Rasa-head. Practicing stuff. 

Doodled a couple things on the plane home after a weekend interstate. 

Jackdaw for annicron

Describe my art style to me


I dont usually do these, but im pretty curious, considering I have difficulty describing/defining my own style.

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more commersherns

goddangit they’re all facing left i didn’t even realize until i put them in this photoset

Yeeeeeaaaaaa look at this beautimus art for me ayeeee

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Because I feel like I haven’t posted in awhile; have a dumb pen scribble I drew in the corner of a worksheet.




Hey guys, I’m wondering what

-you’d like to see me focus on in my art

-what you like so far

-what you’d like to see improve

-anything that irks you about my art.

-stuff you want to see me draw.

Feel free to go anon, I won’t be publishing or responding these but I’ll appreciate the input. Thank you!

I ask this knowing full well I’ve been a bit quiet on my personal art front. But, uh, anon is on.

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Eventually going to be part of something larger. 

Coloured the lines that the lovely ms-delcious drew for me. C: 

I should be working on other things, but instead Im drawing this booger as usual. Mr Yaoi-Paws. 

Art Trade with Leithster over on DA.

Her half (x) Character Ref (x)

Once again, my love of coloured outlines returns. 

some quick pen scribbles done between classes.

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